As a designer, model review status lets you check how your uploaded models look like in the Wildcat viewer, to ensure that the model has good quality and that it matches the reference images as closely as possible.
Once you upload your model to our system and it passes "Model upload" stage, it goes to the "Model review" status. You can review your model directly from the Rounds page:
Or if you want a more in depth review, you can click on "Review your model" to open the viewer:
In the viewer you can use "Helpers" and "Model" advanced tools to review your model quality better:
Designers can also compare their models to:
  • Reference files
  • UV layout
  • Previous round upload;
Once you reviewed your model, you have 2 choices:
  • Send submission to QA:


  • Upload fixed model:


Important rules:

1. Time limit:

  • The system gives 12 hour limit to review your uploaded model. After 12 hours, if no fixes are uploaded, model gets submitted to QA automatically.
  • If a designer extends the deadline when the 12 hours time limit is in progress, the auto-submit time limit will rise to the new set deadline.

2. Designer has 5 times limit to upload fixes:

  • If a designer uploads a file 5th time and automation does not find any errors, the Model review stage is skipped, and the system pushes it to QA automatically ("In QA").


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