Modeling tips and general advice

Please read these tips once in awhile to refresh your memory on default expectations regarding modeling tasks and using the platform.

Modeling tips

  • MR name/title: If not sure what needs to be modeled due to a lot of reference images, always adhere to MR’s name/title (eg if task says “Bedding” but in reference images there is a picture of a bed with a bedding on top of it, final model should only be the bedding).
  • The primary image is the main point of reference (image that is marked with a star on the upper left corner). It shows which reference image should be used when deciding how the final-model should look like.
  • If MR lacks reference images from all perspectives, or lacks typography & other small details that are seen in the reference files ALWAYS try finding the reference files yourself and make a judgement using common sense. When making a judgment, please refer to all the tips provided in this document (NOTE: MRs that lack information are priced higher due to inconvenience. We always provide you with all the information we get from the client).
  • We never expect designer to model what’s in the fridge, unless it is stated otherwise in “Additional info” section. Same rule applies to all: dishwasher, cupboard, washing machine, wardrobe, etc.
  • Dimensions: dimensions should always be converted by the designer to such dimensions that are required by the workflow.
  • QA feedback: If something obvious got missed by an admin, it still has to be fixed.
  • Modeling jewellery: final model must be fastened (eg fastened necklace, fastened earrings, fastened bracelet, etc)
  • Modeling shoes: final model must always consist of a pair of shoes, UNLESS it is stated otherwise in the “Additional info” section. Meaning: even if there is only one shoe in the reference image, the other one must be modeled, too.
  • Modeling watches: final watch model must be fastened (as if it is already put on an invisible hand).

General advice

  • Translations: In case English is not your cup of tea, please install a Chrome extension or any other translator/extension to be able to translate all the relevant content from our websites.
  • Payments: to receive payments from Wildcat, you have to (1) link your CGTrader account with your Wildcat account and (2) sign the payment agreement. The designer earns money at the point of successful model delivery. Payments are distributed once every week, however exact timing of when the money reaches designer’s bank account depends on their payments provider.
  • Discord: All Wildcat designers that have completed at least one paid task can be in our dedicated Discord Channel. Please contact Wildcat support specialist (via blue widget on the right side of the Wildcat homepage) in case you are not there yet. This is where the most of our communication is happening.
  • Communication: we use Discord, MR chat box, and Support (Help) widget for different purposes. Please refer to this document about the ways we communicate to read more.
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