Modeling request deadline extension

The designers have the ability to extend modeling requests (MR) for 24 hours manually 3 times in a calendar month.

Where to look?

If you can extend a modeling request deadline, you will see a “Extend deadline” button next to the deadline information in the modeling request header:
On hover, the amount of such deadline extensions left will be provided. The system will show how many times you can extend a deadline:

How to use it?

If you press on “Extend deadline” button, a pop-up window will appear with this information:
  • The remaining time you can extend a deadline this month;
  • Current deadline;
  • Next deadline (the new term after extension);
  • ”Extend deadline” button to extend the deadline.

Please NOTE:

  • You are able to extend a round deadline until the particular modeling request is in “QA” status. If MR goes to QA, the deadline extension is not available.
  • Model request deadline can be extended 3 times in a month;
  • You can extend a deadline on any modeling request and any round;
  • System will skip weekends (e.g., if you would extend a deadline on Friday, we would skip the weekends, and the new deadline would be on Monday);
  • Extend limit resets to 3 times first day of the month;
  • The system does not forward any unused limit to the next month;
  • If the deadline is already expired, this function will not be available for you and the only way to extend the deadline then is to ask for assigned QA person to extend it manually.
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