To better understand how we are performing at our end we ask you to leave feedback about our and your work after you successfully complete a modeling request (MR). We will use the results to improve our processes and improve MR content.
We ask our designers to leave feedback after any single modeling task, or a parent task, after the group tasks are finished.

Where to look?

The system asks to leave feedback when you finish any single modeling request or a parent task from the group. You can find the feedback form about a modeling request in a few places:
  1. In the modeling request page:
Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 09.19.12.png
  1. In the “Closed tasks” list:
Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 08.56.03.png

The feedback form

We ask you to fill out these questions:
  • Overall experience evaluation (1-5 stars) - how happy are you with the overall modeling experience of this particular task;
  • QA help experience evaluation (1-5 stars) - evaluation of our 3D QA help;
  • Time spent on modeling this task (HH:mm) - how much working hours you spent on making the model. We will only use this data to help define modeling requests better.
After feedback is left, you will get a confirmation window and will be able to see the status that feedback is submitted or not:
Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 08.56.03.png
Please NOTE:
  • You can leave feedback for 14 days period after a task is completed.
  • The system does not ask to leave feedback on child tasks in the modeling group
  • The system does not ask to leave feedback on canceled, failed, archived modeling tasks.
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