How to contact CGTrader Wildcat team via chat, email, widget or Discord?

Clear and easy communication is one of our virtues. In this document we will discuss where and when to reach out to get the most accurate and quickest answer.

Ways to reach CGTrader internal team

There are three ways to get the information you need:
  • Help widget - get wildcat support specialist to answer your general questions
  • Modeling task chat (or QA chat) - get the info regarding this particular task only (NOTE: QA team advises only on particular task related inquiries)
  • Designer Discord - get the quickest answers from both fellow designers and from CGTrader QA team regarding all topics (NOTE: please be mindful of different channels for different topics).

Support (Help) widget / Email

On the right side of any Wildcat page there is a blue widget with written “Help” on it where you can reach Wildcat support specialist to answer your general questions. You can also write to our Wildcat support via email: The general questions that may rise and should be answered via Support widget are about these topics:
  • payments;
  • test task requirements;
  • Wildcat platform errors and bugs;
  • Wildcat system navigation;
  • etc.
NOTE: Support widget/email should only be used for such questions that do not ask for a particular modeling request related information.

Modeling task chat (or QA chat)

Modeling task chat (or QA chat) is located in each modeling request under “Progress” tab to help you reach our QA team to ask questions regarding a particular task. The questions that may rise are about these topics:
  • technical requirements;
  • reference files;
  • dimensions;
  • what parts need to be modeled;
  • etc
NOTE: the chat is read by a QA specialist who is working on this particular MR. QA specialist can only answer questions regarding this particular MR. If you have any other questions, please use Help Widget or Slack workspace.

Designer Discord server

To have all of the community under one roof, we created a Discord chat server. In this server designers can ask questions for both the internal team and other designers to be answered. Our internal team also uses this workspace to inform about the system or process updates and other modeling delivery relevant info.
In this workspace we have separate channels for different teams and inquiries. Public channels are:
  • support-archviz (high poly tasks related questions)
  • feature-request (got an idea or request for a new platform feature? Place it here)
  • general-discussion (anything that does not relate to any other channel)
  • support-pbr (low poly tasks related questions)
  • bug-report (got a platform bug to report? Place it here)
  • capacity-increase (if you think you can handle more tasks at once, please write your Wildcat username or email address in this channel and our Support team will investigate your track records and make a decision)
  • just-joined-wildcat (new designers can introduce themselves, ask any questions that may arise and report any issues they may have.)
  • special-projects (dedicated to posting announcements about special projects and tasks that we have for you)
  • announcements (dedicated to posting platform and community related announcements and updates)
  • art-showcase (share your non-Wildcat related projects and art with the rest of the community)

We also have specific software related channels. In these channels you can ask software related questions and have software related discussions with other members of our community. You can choose which channel to join according to the program you use for modeling and texturing:

  • support-3ds-max 
  • support-blender 
  • support-maya 
  • support-substance-painter 

Lastly we have several channels dedicated to designer education and explaining how different Wildcat workflows work:

  • designer-education (dedicated to sharing educational content with the community)
  • workflows-explained (dedicated to sharing educational videos and tutorials about the different Wildcat workflows with the community)
NOTE: Discord server is the quickest way to get the answer, embrace it.

General guidelines for using Discord server:

  • all designers should be on this server. If you are not, please email with a subject line “DISCORD SERVER INVITE”.
  • It is required to use the same Discord nickname as your Slack username.
  • You have to agree to the community rules in #rules channel before you can get access to the rest of the server.
  • Community rules will be enforced by admins and offenders will be punished appropriately. Common sense applies.
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