Since tax laws are different in every country and every person can have a different legal/financial status in their country, it is every seller’s responsibility to pay their income or other taxes according to their country’s regulations.

As a freelancer, person is usually obligated to pay taxes to their state and have a freelance permit regarding taxation. We do not issue any invoices or tax-related documents. However, you as a seller, can issue us an invoice for your sales every month or every trimester and send it to

You can see your payment information in your bank or payment provider account, also you can always check and download your sales reports and information in your profile:

Sellers are receiving the payment from CGTrader for the sales according to the royalty rate (from 70% to 80%) and pay fees for the money payment transfers (Payout fees), but we do not take any taxes from you and we do not pay any taxes to your country for your sales. Each designer has to pay their taxes individually depending on their country and other factors. 

Since our platform is targeted at buyers worldwide, sales and payouts are made in USD.

Please note, that when purchasing a model, VAT (sales tax) is paid by the client, not the designer. VAT is not credited from the designer sales.

CGTrader is based in Lithuania, Europe. As an EU based company, we can issue a certificate of residency, this would allow you to avoid double taxation. Please let us know if such a certificate is needed (it takes about a week for us to provide it).

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