I just sold my model. When will I get paid?

In order to be eligible for royalty payments, designers on CGTrader are required to submit their personal or business information on their Payment agreements. 

Royalties become payable 20 days following the sale or successful completion of a 3D project. Payouts are issued on a weekly basis, every Wednesday.  Royalties for Wildcat projects become payable on approval of the delivery.

Once you get your Payment agreement verified, payable royalties and fees will be paid weekly on every Wednesday or the next business day if Wednesday happens not to be a business day.

After the funds have been deposited into your Hyperwallet account, you can proceed to transfer them to your chosen Destination Account.

Users utilizing Payoneer have the option to select either monthly or weekly payment frequencies and can specify the desired payment threshold.

Users who opt for the Payoneer method will be paid on the first Wednesday of each month if they have selected a monthly payout schedule. While those who have chosen weekly payouts will receive their royalties every Wednesday.

You can find all the information about payouts on the Payments information page.

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