The Payoneer payout processing fee for a term will be deducted from the payout made in the following term. This means that the payout processing fee is accounted with a month's delay: payout processing fees, which are initially covered by CGTrader will be deducted from the next payout. This enables a fully transparent and precise accounting system.

Payoneer transfers below 100 USD have a fee of 1 USD. This does not apply to transfers equal to or exceeding 100 USD.

The fee structure with Hyperwallet is transparent, with different charges for various transfer methods. It's designed to provide clarity and help optimize costs based on the seller’s preferences. Also, transfer fees now will be lower for the majority of our sellers.

Fee Summary:

PayPal/Venmo: $0.3 / €0.25
Local Bank: Basic $0.8 / €0.7 / International $4.1 / €3.75
Wire Transfer: 2% (min $7.7 / €7 / max $23 / €21)
Foreign Exchange Fees: 1.9%-3.75%

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