The payout processing fee for a term will be deducted from the payout made in the following term. This means that the payout processing fee is accounted with a month's delay: payout processing fees, which are initially covered by CGTrader will be deducted from the next payout. This enables a fully transparent and precise accounting system.

Paypal transfers to recipients are processed through Paypal Mass Payments and cost 2% of the total payout sum up to a maximum of 90 USD.

Payoneer transfers are free of charge.

Wire transfers (legacy method, not available to select) are processed through Swedbank and cost CGTrader up to 20 USD depending on the country of your bank. If your bank account is in the SEPA transfer zone payments usually arrive much faster and cost up to 1 USD. Keep in mind that your bank or bank correspondent (interim bank) can also deduct fees on their own depending on their regulations.

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