Payment agreement. What is it and how to fill it in?

To be eligible for royalty payments, designers on CGTrader are required to submit their personal or business information on their Payment agreement.

 You can do this by clicking on the following link and filling out the necessary information: Payment Agreement Setup

After your first payout, you will receive an email asking you to activate your Hyperwallet Pay portal account and specify how you want to transfer your money.

If you are facing challenges with the Hyperwallet solution, including activation, verification, or transfers, please contact Hyperwallet's first-line support. Their contact details can be found in both the email they send and within the portal.

Payoneer is provided as a payout choice, with its availability dependent on factors such as location. Verify its availability in your payout options on your account dashboard. In case Payoneer is not accessible, you are required to establish a Hyperwallet account by following the instructions given above.

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