Will I get paid for the parent task if I completed it, but canceled the child tasks?

No, you will not get paid for the parent task if child tasks were not completed. All of the tasks in a group need to be completed in order to get paid for a grouped task.

By accepting a grouped task, you are confirming that you will finish all tasks in the request. If you do not complete the modelling request in full, you are breaching your obligation to us to deliver the agreed outcome.

When designer accepts grouped modelling request, he/she agrees to deliver all the tasks in the group for the amount that was agreed upon accepting the request. If designer for whatever reason fails to deliver any of the tasks in the group, he/she will not get paid as we cannot deliver the request to the customer to get the payment from them. Such task will then go to another designer, who will be paid as usual after finishing the whole request in full.

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