An exchange format is a 3D model file format that is not specific to any particular application and is used to transfer files between applications. Native file formats are specific to 3D applications and are designed to hold all data, but most 3D programs also have the ability to export and import some exchange file formats.

Exchange formats usually are limited and cannot support some of the features that are specific to a 3D application and their native formats. All exchange formats can usually hold the 3D model's geometry information, but other information such as textures, mapping, rigging, and animation might not be supported properly or on the same level as it is in the native format.

Please note, that if model parts, details, textures or files are missing or not working properly due to exchange format limitations, it might not be covered by our Refund policy. While we are doing our best to provide guidance and make file conversions upon request, sometimes it is technically impossible or very challenging to make the model work in the exchange format. 

When purchasing the model, please make sure to check what file formats are included and if they are compatible with your software. Please feel free to reach out to us or the designer (seller) if you have any doubts or questions about the model formats and compatibility before making a purchase.

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