How to create a collection of my 3D models?

If you have models with a similar theme or category, you can create a 3D model collection by selecting these models in your Models page. Simply check the ones you want to include and click the ‘Create a collection’ button at the top right of the page.

A new window will let you review the selected models.

Click ‘Next’ and wait while CGTrader does the rest. Our system will automatically:

  • generate preview images for your collection, 
  • add file format information,
  • fill out the technical details for each model in the collection.

All you have to do afterward is: add a title, a detailed description of your collection, select and add relevant tags, and set a price. To help you see how much items in your collection are worth, we show the total price of all individual items in the collection. You can set any price for your collection (the minimum price is $10).

Collection previews and technical details

The system will automatically generate a preview image comprised of primary preview images of the assets in your collection. You can delete, rearrange or add additional preview images to your collection. You will be able to change this information and preview images in the publisher later on.

Collection pricing

We will calculate the collective price of your items to help you set a price for your collection. Note: the total price of items in the collection is just a reference. Consider how well your items performed in the past and set the price accordingly.

Publishing a collection

Click the ‘Publish’ button at the bottom left of the window and wait for your My Models page to reload with the ‘Collection was published successfully’ message. Your new collection will be available instantly. Click it to review the preview images, formats, technical details and the content section.



Creating a simple 3D model collection is easy, but it's not that difficult to make it great. Here are a couple of useful tips to make your collection stand out.

  • Make sure all assets in the collection are thematically related.
  • Add a detailed description.
  • Add additional tags – aim for 15-20 tags for your collection.
  • You can now expand the description field to see more text and have easier access to text-editing. 
  • See how your description will look before publishing by clicking the 'Preview' button.
  • Preview images will show which model they belong to (only works with automatically added preview images).

Adding a model to an existing collection

  1. Go to your 'Models' page
  2. Select the models you want to add to a collection
  3. Click 'Collections' in the top right 
  4. Select 'Add to existing collection' in the dropdown menu
  5. Click the '+' button in the collection list
  6. Review your collection, add relevant information to the description, any new tags and click 'Save'.
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