Business Account is a new feature on CGTrader that allows companies to connect their employees' accounts and share the purchased assets and payments. This feature provides a centralized platform for managing company finances and streamlines the process of making payments, tracking expenses, and managing purchased assets.

Business Account does not replace individual accounts and just adds additional functionality to the existing accounts. All settings, passwords, purchases and other information on every user's account stays the same.

Business Account is free of charge and is only available to our corporate customers. Only employees using work email of the company can join the Business Account and use its benefits.

Setting up a Business Account for your company is simple:

  1. Create a Business Account: you can activate it by simply sending a message to our Support team;

  2. Connect employee accounts: Once the Business Account is created, we can add the selected employees' accounts to the platform. The connected users can see and use the purchased assets from other members of the group (same company's employees);

  3. Purchase pre-paid credits (optional): you can purchase pre-paid credits and choose which employees can use it for future purchases, making the ordering process even more efficient.

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