Business Wallet (Pre-paid credits)

Pre-paid credits are an easy way for businesses to purchase models on CGTrader marketplace without having to worry about managing individual transactions. With pre-paid credits added to your Business Wallet, employees of your company can conveniently pay for the models using these credits.

Here's how it works:

  1. Your business purchases prepaid credits (any amount you wish);
  2. Each time you need to make a purchase, the cost is deducted from your prepaid credit balance (just one click in the order cart);
  3. You can monitor your remaining credit balance through your account dashboard.

To get started with your Business wallet, simply contact us and share the amount you would like to add and which users should have access to the payment. You can purchase credits in any amount you choose. As soon as we get the payment, we will add the credits to your Business wallet and they can be used for any future purchases.

The benefits of Business Wallet include:

  1. Simplified accounting: Prepaid credits eliminate the need for tracking individual transactions, making it easier to manage expenses and cash flow;

  2. No procurement process for individual purchases: If your company has a procurement process of any kind or requires approvals for purchases, pre-paid credits can make it much easier to manage as you only need to go through it once;

  3. Budgeting made easy: Prepaid credits allow businesses to budget and plan ahead for expenses, ensuring that you have the necessary funds available when you need them.

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