There are 3 most common reasons for the model suspension:

1. We have received a stolen model report with enough proof that you were selling a model that you did not create yourself or you were selling a model that contains the material that you did not create yourself. In this scenario, we will issue you with a warning and ask you to remove any infringing models you have in your profile. If models will not be removed and we will receive another stolen model report, we will suspend the account.

2. We have received a copyright claim from the company which owns a trademark/copyright and all infringing models were removed from the marketplace. If you have used some brand name, trademark or copyright in your model and it was suspended, it is highly likely to be the reason. BMW/Mini Cooper, Rolls-Royce, Cartier and Lamborghini are a few examples of trademarks that cannot be used (as per trademark owner's request/claim) and such models will have to be suspended.

3. Your model was a printable 3D model, which is a replica or realistic depiction of weapon. Selling printable gun models is illegal and we are monitoring our marketplace to remove such models. If the suspended model was any kind of weapon, it is most likely to be the reason for suspension. Please note that if your model was not intended for 3D printing, but it has .stl file included, it can be also suspended for the same reason.

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