It's not allowed to have  two or more textures for a single slot in a material. But it is important to know Kodama has two texture gathering mechanisms and both are used simultaneously.
  1. Scene Texture Gathering:
    This method involves examining all the materials used in a scene and collecting the corresponding textures for each slot. In this process, the original names of the textures aren't important (unless they are intended for use in scenarios outlined in Supported material structure). Subsequently, the textures will be renamed, based on both the material name and the specific slot to which they are connected.

  2. Directory Texture Gathering:
    This method involves a search within the directory (and its subdirectories) where the scene file is stored. It seeks out any texture file conforming to a specific naming convention, specifically, {Material_name}_{Texture_type}.{Extension}. The {Texture_type} in the texture naming convention will be mapped to a corresponding "Slot" within the material by Kodama.

When using Kodama, it's crucial that each material slot is associated with only one texture. Avoid scenarios that could lead to multiple textures being tied to a single slot. If a texture, following the {Material_name}_{Texture_type}.{Extension} naming convention, is gathered from a directory and linked to a specific slot, ensure that this slot is not simultaneously connected to any other texture within the scene.

Nevertheless, it's possible to utilize the two methods in tandem - you can connect some slots to textures in the scene, while others can be matched with textures gathered from a directory.

It is acceptable if for a single slot in material both mechanisms gather files with identical paths.
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