2nd step: Reporting to domain owners (admins)

If the infringer (uploader) is impossible to reach or they ignore your request, we are advising to move to the next step - reporting the content to domain, platform or channel owners/admins. This step requires a more formal and legal approach, as either these people are responsible for the content or they themselves put the content on their system. Also, this is usually a required step before contacting hosting provider, as this is the standard escalation workflow.

How to find the contacts of domain owners/admins?

Try to look at the domain’s “contact” section and find the contact email or the form for contact – use this for contacting the domain owners as this is their preferred and officially published channel of communication. If there are no contact details available or you have doubts about this way of contact, you can look for official domain owners information on WHOIS databases.

These databases are made for storing all domain-related details and usually it allows finding a way to contact domain owners – it can list an email address of the owner or the hidden address or the form for contact depending on the situation, but all of these ways allow sending a message. Look for “Registrant email” information.

Few examples of WHOIS database websites:




If this is a marketplace or a known website, usually it will have contact details on the domain or maybe even more advanced support tools such as a live chat, but try using email if possible, as it is easier to show the evidence of communication. For marketplaces, use the listed contact details just as with other domains.

If this is a channel or thread on some known social media platform (Reddit, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc.), usually there is a possibility to find and contact group’s admins – you should do that first (after contacting the infringer), as this is a kind of step in between, which might also work. If they are not cooperative, you should reach out to the platform admins using the message below or similar text, just as you would to the domain owners.

The recommended message for domain owners/admins

Copyright infringement notice


I am the original author of the 3D asset(s) that were illegally published on the following link:


I own all Intellectual Property rights to this content and the uploader published the material without my consent or knowledge. Such use constitutes copyright infringement and therefore I am submitting this Copyright infringement notice.

You can see my original work as an evidence on the following link:


Please remove the infringing content as soon as possible. Failure to remove the illegally published material will result in further escalation steps from our side.

If you require additional information or wish to further discuss this issue, please contact me via email.

Kind regards,
(first name, last name)

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