Where is my money? When I will get my monthly payment?

All the royalty payments for marketplace sellers are sent once per month on approximately the 20th day of every month. This includes the day of the 20th, so please allow some time for the payment to reach your account and only contact us if you did not receive your money on the 21st of the month or later.

In order to receive a payment, you need to have a confirmed Payment Agreement and at least one sale in the previous month. You can check your last month's sales (status: "To be paid until 20th of this month") and current month's sales (status: "Earned this month") on your Payments Information page.

Please contact our Support if it is the 21st or later day and the status still shows the same message ("To be paid until 20th of this month"). You should also let us know if the message says that it is paid, but you did not get your payment.



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