How many tasks can I work on at once?

As a designer, you have a limited capacity for modeling tasks you’re able to work on simultaneously.

Currently, every designer has 3 different capacity limit values:

  • Tasks in progress - tasks that you accepted, submitted, or are under review by the customer.
  • Accepted tasks - tasks that you accepted but haven’t submitted for a quality check.
  • Grouped tasks - a group of tasks that have a primary model (parent) and secondary model (child) that needs to be created once the parent is approved.

By default, you’re allowed to work on up to 7 tasks at a time, and you can only accept 1 task (single or grouped) at a time. The task needs to be submitted before you can proceed with taking the next modeling request.

Please note that the capacity limit for modeling tasks and Quality Assurance (QA) tasks are calculated separately.

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